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you can go to and make a real difference in their lives today. do it. court today.the issues he's having with his attorney plus... how the nation is remembering the victims. a teen hero.what he did to save a familyyfrom a fire. and... think before you click that link.the new scam that's popping up online... that's not easy to recognize. 3 3 3 today is monday, july 23. 3 3
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3 895 map 3 3 the alleged gunman in friday's movie theatre massacre in aurora, colorado is expected in court today. the same time... the victims are being remembered... one name at a time.megan gilliland is here with more on how the community &pis uniting in this tragedy. good morning,you're takkng a look at a vigil that was held
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last night... in aurora. hundreds came together to honor and to pray for the 12 people killed in this shooting rampage. stafford says: (reads victims names) the victims range in age from six to fifty one.all from different backgrounds, different walks of life.nearly 60 others were also hurt when the gunman opened fire during that midnight showing of the dark knight rises.aurora's mayor has expressed confidence his community will recover. hogan says: " is not this senseless act of violence that marks us as a community, it is the lives and acts of these heroes and the innumerable acts of kindness, love and care for our neighbors that defines who we are (applause) (applause)the suspect... james holmes... is expected to appear in court this morning.
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he has been assigned a public defender and authorities say he is no longer cooperating with them in their investigation. besides all the boobie traps they found in his apartment... there was also something else. we'll tell you what they found and why it's so troubling coming up next half hour.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. police are still searching for answers in the mysterious death of a woman in north balti. baltimore.the victim's decomposed body was discovered on 29th street on saturday, at the wyman house. residents say they told management about a foul smell coming from one of the apartments, as early s july 16th.the woman, who neighbors call "christie", and say is in her 30's ... was found in another man's apartment. maxine: 18.30 "i couldn't sleep lastnight, cause that was on my mind. mmm hmm."al mcclendon: 14.50 "she had just moved in about six months ago, but i don't really know nothing about her." her."et thomas ferguson: 4.49 "she was always upbeat and friendly. she was never a troublemaker that i could tell." tell."police have a person of interest, but no charges have been filed.
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a 21-year-old man remains in critical condition, this morning... after being shot multiple times in the face and body early saturday morning in northwest baltimmre. it happened around 3 a-m near west belvedere and florence avenue. anyone with information should call police. 3 penn state university will be hit with fines of more than 30- million-dollars. that's according to a source familiar with the fall out from the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. the penalties will be announced today by the n-c- double-a. meanwhile, the 900-pound bronze statue of longtime coach joe paterno was removed. the controversial removal. 3 --reporter pkg-as follows -- there is an emptiness outside beaver stadium. it's naked, everything's gone. it's really sad. and only part of it is where the statue of joe paterno once stood. joe's a man we love. the reason we love joe is 60 years of integrity. the rest is in the
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hearts of the crowds who came to say goodbye to penn state's head coach of 61 years. i drove from north carolina to get a picture with joe's statue, right? and like a bunch of thieves they snuck it away in the night. the university took down the seven and a half foot statue and removed all the plaques and letters on the walls early sunday morning. workers put up a fence and a tarp to block the view of the now-empty space. but fans took pictures above the fence or poked through the tarp for once last look. there are a lot of issues surrounding it that you can see what why they have to do certain things but you hate to see it. the decision to remove the figure angered fans who said paterno wasn't perfect but he had a history of benevolence at the university, including the library which will keep his name. this isn't fixing the problem, this is pretty much just drawing the attention away from people who should be taking maybe more responsibility and blame. flowers and personal messages sat outside the paterno house. jay paterno, the coach's son,
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declined comment as he left. but the family issued a statement saying in part, tearing down the statue of joe paterno does not serve the victims of jerry sandusky's horrible crimes or help heal the penn state community. we believe the only way to help the victims is to uncover the full truth. i was just so mad that the people who run this university would once again do something secretively vin... brought his own paterno shrine so fans could see the coach. the only thing i knew i could do was in protest was bring my cardboard joe up here and give people a chance to still see joe. -----end----- cnn.script----- pennnstate university will learn the fate of its football program this morning.... a day after school officials decided the fate of the famous statue of joe paterno. paterno. joel d. smith is live in fell's point with reaction to the statue coming down, and what's to come for the school, and it's many supporters in maryland. good morning joel d. paarice, penn state has the largest alumni
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association in the country... about half a million. they are reacting to the statue being taken down early yesterday morning, and they are very worried about thh sanctions that will be announced in just a few hours. the future of the football program, and its ability to compete for years to come, is very much in jeapardy. jeapardy. with the proximity to pennsylvania, no doubt many of fans are right here in maryland. we went out to talk with some of them yesterday... at a few penn state friendly bars in federal hill. they had just learned about the 7 foot, 900 pound statue of joe paterno being forklifted away from thee outside of beaver stadium, a place it had been for a decade. the university announced it was taking the monument down.... after a report into the child sex abuse scandal, finding the late coach and three other top university officials covered up sex abuse claims against retired assistant coach jerry sandusky. 3 58-1:15"they have the man that did the crime. they have him locked up. let it be at that. joepa can't defend himself,
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let him rest in peace.""his legacy is tarnished, of course it is, yeah sad, very sad.""he did a lot of things for the football and everything." the ncaa, the governing body of college athletics, has noo penalized a member institution without first holding a committee on infractions hearing. that is not happening here, and remember as bad as it was.... the school itself did not break any specific ncaa regulations. so what could the sanctions be? most analysts say penn state will likely be banned from going to a bowl game for at least a year... and the school will lose scholarships... making it tough to compete on the field. but to many, that is the last thing the school and its fans should be worried about. 3 3 a single-car crash in texas... leaves 11 people dead... and 12 others injured. injured.according to the texas
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highway patrol... á22 peopleá were in this ford f-250 truck... when it went off the highway... hitting 2 large trees.the accident occurred 100 miles south east of san antonio and authorities say the weather was dry and clear at the time of the crash... there is no evidence at the scene of alcohol being involved. the former stepson of singer usher raymond... has died.kile glover was hospitalized more than 2 weeks ago... after the 11-year-old suffered a serious head injury from a boating accident on a georgia lake. the boy's mother... tameka raymond... was married to usher for 2 yeaas. they couple has 2 children together... and divorced in 2009. michael jackson's mother is ánotá missing.. that's the word this morning the los angeles sheriff's department. katherine was reported missing by her nephew after family members were unable to reach her.jermaine jackson says katherine is with her daughter rebbie in arizona.. following doctor's orders to quote áde- stress.á
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more than 700-thousand dollars is raised for a new york bus monitor... after video went viral of her being taunted by's the story that made national headlines... causing some to reach out through an online fundraiser.originally... the goal was to raise 5-grand.but donations kept pouring in from all over the u-s... and about 80 other countries.the 4 middle school students who insulted her were suspended for a year... and must go through a bullying prevention program. 3 ok, ravens fans... get ready... this is the week you've been waiting for...the season is about to get camp opens this week. the rookies and assorted veterans began to arrive in owings mills on sunday....and tomorrow, the first actual workouts of training camp will begin.the first full squad practice is set for thursday. there are several intriguing stories heading into camp... none more so than the linebacker... where they are a giant pair of shoes to fill.
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those would be the size 13's vacated by terrell suggs... and they hope this gu y can fill them.courtney upshaw of alabama... the team's top draft choice.the rookie will battle veteran paul kruger for the position, with kruger seen as the favorite going in. but the ravens would be more than willing to see upshaw change that dynamic...and don't forget, they've lost another starting linebacker, jarret johnson to free agency. a crazy scene inside a pennsylvania mall this weekend. shoppers at the pittsburgh mills mall were forced to evacuate... after a bear cub was spotted in one of the stores. witnesses say the bear was spotted running into sears... using one of the automated doors. the pennsylvania game commission was called in to tranquilize the bear. the bear was wearing a tracking collar... but it's unclear where exactly it came from. a baltimore teen... hailed a he. a 16-year-old saved a couple from their burning home. home. 3
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the streets of portland ran red with the juice of tomatoes... hundreds of people participated in one of the fiercest fights ever to involve a fruit. fruit. in a nod to "la tomatina," the annual festival held in spain... locals tossed tomatoes at one another. organizers expected about three-thousand people to participate and they're hoping to make it a regular event in portland. in addition to sloshing around in a tomato puree, attendees could dance to music, enjoy local beer, and compete in a costume.
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gun control takes center light of the massive shooting in colorado. colorado.chernoff says: "every gun is powerful. every gun is capable of deadly force." force."we examine the arguemnts for both sides... of gun control laws. laws.and you might not fall for those phishing scams anymore...but cyber crooks are still coming after you.the new method their using to get your sensitive information...and the three main ways you can keep it from happening. [ male announcer ] millions of dollars for new schools and teachers...
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thousands of new good paying jobs... all without raising taxes. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't be built unless lawmakers give us the right to vote on it this november. call 1-800-492-7122 and tell your delegate and state senator to vote "yes" on national harbor... one of the biggest new job projects in the country.
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to vote "yes" on national harbor... the movie massacre in aurora, colorado has sparked the long-running control debate across the country. dan bowens takes a look at gun control laws and some opinions on both sides of the argument. 3 the consequences of the weapons sold at the coliseum gun traders in uniondale.. is not taken lightly.chernoff says: "every gun is powerful. every gun is capable of deadly force." to buy any of the guns in here --- you must have a permit and pass a federal background check. chernoff says: "we have very stringent gun control laws in the state of new york."> store manager andy chernoff says the weapon you're lookint at... is called an ar-15..
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similar to the one police say james holmes used along with a shotgun.. and 2 handguns.. during the deadly shootings in colorado... chernoff says: "except this gun is not an assault weapon.. it does nt have a telescopic site. it does not have a bayonette lug." without those features.. it's not technically an assault weapon... it is illegal to buy and sell assault weapons in new york, new jersey and connecticut --- but they are ok to buy in colorado. mccarthy says: "we as legislators don't do enough to stop this kind of gun violence." representative carolyn mccarthy's husband was killed and son wounded in a mass shooting on long island railroad before she was elected. in the wake of the colorado shooting she's joining the with other elected officials -- including mayor bloomberg calling for tougher gun rules mccarthy says: "if it was one of your kids yesterday in aurora, maybe you'd stand up and say
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i'm not going to take this anymore." critics argue -- there was already a nationwide ban on assault weapons in 1994... but it expired ten years later.. leaving states like colorado.. to decide for themselves. penn state faces some hefty fines, stemming from the jerry sandusky sex scandal. much money they could be shelling out... and when they will find out. you can recognize the tricks now... but cyber scammers are always busy coming up with new ways to get your personal information.the newest scam that's hitting cyber space...and the top three ways you can protect yourself against it.
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wise to email phishing schemes, a new trick is on the
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rise. karin caifa tells you what to look for and how to avoid getting snagged. snagged. --reporter pkg-as follows -- by now, most of us avoid clicking on links in shady- looking emails, potential phishing attempts to gather personal information or install malware. so there's another trick growing in popularity, one that web users may not think about. whether searching for news on a hot topic like celebrity gossip, a new gadget, or a major world event, or even something as mundane as a recipe, be careful where you click. that search result could be a tainted link. people are always aware that they should be careful with their email and what they click on. that same level of awareness needs to be there when you're on a search engine, or for that matter, on facebook or something. many companies and entities spend time and money pinpointing how to get their site to the top of a list of search results. that's called search engine optimizing. search engine poisoning uses the same strategy for scamming. the major search
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engines are all on the lookout for it, but to keep your computer safe... -- keep your searches to trusted sites. when looking for news on a favorite celebrity, for example, stick to the established entertainment sites. -- avoid web address endings that don't look familiar -- they could spell trouble. -- and always keep antivirus and malware software up to date. i'm karin caifa, and you're now, clicked in. -----end-----cnn.script----- a towson teen ... hailed a hero. he saved a couple... from their burning home. home.the suspect in the colorado movie massacre will be in court today.the issues he's having with his attorney plus... how the nation is remembering the victims. release me, momigus!
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